Tree Removal and Chipping Service


Once we’ve exhausted all of our other options, tree removal is usually the last resort. It’s the final step on a checklist of potential solutions. Unlike tree trimming, which can occasionally be done casually on your own, tree removal and chipping should always be left up to the professionals. Attempting to remove a tree on your own, without any previous experience, can be damaging to the foundation and landscape surrounding the tree, but also is a risk to your personal safety. Our professionals are extremely delicate, cautious and responsible. Your concerns will be addressed and your yard will be in good hands.

Dead Tree Removal

If a tree is extremely damaged, dying or already dead, it will likely need to be removed. Keeping a dead tree around for longer than you should is damaging to the earth around it, and can be dangerous for you. Trees will rot, and if pieces start to break off of it they could hit your house, your car or a person. Our tree removal service is guaranteed to bring a sense of safety back to your life. Not to mention that getting rid of a dead tree is like getting rid of an eyesore.

Emergency Tree Removal

When a tree becomes a threat to your safety or livelihood, it needs to be removed ASAP. Old, rotting trees or trees that have been knocked over or damaged due to storms can get tangled in power lines, break windows, crack your roof, block your doorway or squish the rest of your yard. If you need emergency tree removal, contact us and we will get the job done quickly and safely, so that you can resume your normal routine.


Once a tree is removed from the ground it needs to go somewhere. Trees that need to be removed are almost always extremely large and extremely heavy. Luckily, part of our guarantee to you is to finish the job right down to the cleanup. We won’t leave branches and pieces of trees scattered in your backyard, or a big dead tree for you to deal with. No, we will haul it away with us and turn that tree into woodchips. As a bonus, woodchips can often be used for other things such as gardening.