Our tree trimming service is top notch. We bring attention to detail, an impeccable work ethic and an ever-growing knowledge of trees with us to every single job we take on. We take care of everything from set-up to clean up, and every little detail in between. The only thing you have to do is contact us. The amount of maintenance needed will vary depending on the issues that you’re dealing with. We will come and assess the situation, before helping you choose the best tree trimming service option to fit your needs and desires.

Window Blockage

Over time, trees that are older and have been growing consistently for decades will start to branch out into unwanted areas. For example, maybe you have a tree in your backyard that now hangs in front of your back window, blocking the amount of natural sunlight that streams into your house. If this is the case, we will come and trim the tree so that you don’t block any wanted sunlight to your house, but also being careful not to damage any parts of the beautiful tree that sits in your yard. Our experts are careful and detailed.

Phone Lines

Trees sit high in the sky, which means that they are bound to come in contact with telephone poles every now and again. Keeping your trees properly trimmed and contained will eliminate any potential hazards. When a tree starts growing outwardly, and branches are not kept neat and confined, they can start to obstruct telephone poles and even tangle with the wires. This is damaging to the tree, but even more so to the telephone wires, which at the worst-case scenario can start an electrical fire and at the best-case scenario can leave you and your household without electricity for some time.


Perhaps your reason for contacting us isn’t emergency related at all. Oftentimes, people simply want to clean up their yard and make their landscape look pristine and healthy. Trees can get out of hand pretty quickly and make your yard look haggard and run-down. We’re here to help with that too! Our tree trimming service is designed with you in mind. That means that if you’re dealing with an annoying problem, a potential crisis or simply want to make your yard stand out, we’ve got your back. Let us come and do the dirty work, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful end result.